Great Food in Seattle, Washington

August 24th, 2012

We get the chance to travel a lot and get the opportunity to experience a lot of different restaurants and foods so I thought I would share with you some of the great places we found in Seattle, WA this summer.

Pike Place Market is a well known farmers market in downtown Seattle that features tons of fresh produce, arts and crafts, street performers as well as numerous eateries. Well, I have found my favorite bakery right here in the market – Pike Place Bakery. I have fallen in love with their apple fritters. There are two other places in the market that we tried and enjoyed. One was Beecher’s Cheese where you can get a great bowl of mac and cheese and the other one is Piroshky-Piroshky which makes some great meat, cheese and or potato pastry sandwiches. If you are ever in Seattle definitely check out the market it is such a cool experience.

This week a great friend of ours who lives in the area met up with us and took us to a little burger place in north Seattle – Red Mill Burgers. Amazing burgers, onion rings and milk shakes. And, it’s right next door to a Starbucks — you can’t beat that.

Seattle is also known for having tons of street food vendors in crazy decked out trucks — I think next week I’ll have to give one a try! I’ll be honest there are tons of places here in Seattle that look incredible. It is so hard to pick.


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